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Orenda Fink wrote about her first ever gig for Stereo Subversion. “no party was safe from us crashing it with our heartfelt teenage three chord folk songs.”http://stereosubversion.com/features/orenda-fink-first-gig

Make The Faint's 2001 album “Danse Macabre” your weekend soundtrack. It's on sale digitally at Amazon.com for only $5! The sale runs through 7/15.http://geni.us/2w2X

Noisey just premiered the new PUJOL video for “Youniverse”! “Not only is their new video filmed entirely on VHS, the band takes the age-old tradition of roping in homies like  Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, Screaming Females, Juiceboxxx.”  http://noisey.vice.com/blog/pujol-youniverse-video-debut #ICAME2FREAK


Probably won’t ever top this for the largest thing I’ve designed. Advert for Bright Eyes’ sold out seven night run at Town Hall in NYC. A few of us took a trip out there to check out a couple of shows. Lou Reed was one night, and Gillian Welch/David Rawlings was the next. Gillian and David fucking killed it, of course. Lou Reed was kind of weird, but I never really got him (sorry). CJ is a big Velvet Underground fan, and he was noticeably less moribund than usual when he got to see Lou play. I never knew how these huge murals were made, and was surprised to see guys up there on scaffolds hand painting this. I was impressed and appreciative, it was a unique experience to see. We got to hang out with Kaite Murphy, who lives in NYC and works in the fashion industry. She did the lino cuts and letter press for “Lifted, or the Story is in the Soil”, and a couple of the best Bright Eyes t-shirts (snake and bats).

Orenda Fink lists “11 Things You Should Know About Your Musician Friends” for Ranker.http://www.ranker.com/list/things-you-should-know-about-your-musician-friends/orenda-fink?format=SLIDESHOW.  Order her new record “Blue Dream” here: http://saddle-creek.com/store/626

Have you heard Orenda Fink’s  ”You Can Be Loved” yet? The Needle Drop calls Blue Dream one of their “most anticipated records of the year.”


If you can’t make The Rural Alberta Advantage Facebook chat today, tune in to The Current at 10PM Central time.  David Safar will be interviewing Nils and premiering a new track! http://www.thecurrent.org

Be sure to follow Zack Nipper.  He’s done almost all Bright Eyes/Conor Oberst album art, and tons of other Saddle Creek releases.


Closeup of the Fevers and Mirrors wallpaper. They all look super bored, haha. His pantaloons are cool though.